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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Nine Pages And Ninety (90) Books -Sales Are Going......


Got asked again (twice): "How come nothing new is appearing on the online store?"

So my response is: "Oh, what did you buy that you are hoping for a follow-up on?"

Oddly, I never get a reply.

I'll put it this way.  The online store has 9 pages listing some 90 books and if no one is even thinking about buying any of those books nor is interested in any of the genres covered...why the fuck would I want to churn out more to 'store' on the internet?

Quite honestly I have...six, yep, 6 books on my computer but to publish I would need to buy a pdf converter which is an expense that cannot possibly be justified.  Neither can the expense of the new new computer I'll need because the current one is giving me breakdowns weekly!

Please, I have explained all of this before and I guess that shows how 'interested' people are.  If you cannot support a small publisher by buying a book then do not expect said publisher (in this case me) to keep churning out more new books.


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