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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Planned Bristol Comic Mart

Yes, I was meaning to mention this.  I set up a Face Book page for this -Bristol Comic Mart- and got two members.  That's it. Comic dealers?  That's another story.

You see, it seems some have been told to "steer clear" of the event. Comic bullies at work again. But will these traders listen to the comic bullies and lose a chance to sell comics and earn money?


Not one single response and even the dealer who told me about the "steer clear" thing has not responded. You cannot organise a comic event if you have no one selling comics.  It ain't Quantum physics.

If you are a comics dealer and want to be kept up-to-date on the possible event then get in touch -PM me on Face Book. 


  1. I am not a comics dealer, but I want to be kept up to date.

  2. Not going to tell anyone -not even comic dealers until the day before and where the venue is. I think that was the was 0900 hrs but then we had the thunderstorm that ghave me a headache...was it the plan? Well, should work!