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Thursday, 22 September 2016

I hope you enjoyed CBO as it was.

I was going to reveal the grand total number of CBO visitors who have shown their support, by doing the most simple thing: click on the recommend page at the top of this page, tomorrow. But what the hell.

Showing that YOU enjoy the blog content and want to make others aware of it. No money.  No names. Just one simple click of the mouse.

So, out of the thousands who have viewed the blog since I asked for that simple sign of support, how many have?





Only eight visitors out of THOUSANDS could be bothered to click their fucking mouse. Are you all really that shallow and ungrateful that you will come here every day and your "thank you" (which I do not expect but a show of support -yes) for the work going into this blog daily for 17 years is "Fuck that. Can't be bothered".  The strain of clicking your mouse might kill you?

I hope you enjoyed CBO as it was.

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