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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Is this the end of the Comic Book Girl 19 Show? #YouTubeIsOver Explained And Terry Hooper's World Wide Ban On You Tube

Hmm. Let me put it this way: all of my comic videos were de-monetized ages ago and You Tube appears to be run by shit-heads at times.

You see, a while back, "someone" complained to You Tube about a music track on one of my comic book videos. YT then de-monetized it and gave me a "bad mark".  I checked.  I had to turn volume up to full to hear the music in the background in another room.

Then another one got hit. 1939, Flannagan & Allan "Run Rabbit Run" was used in part but fully credited and an itunes link given. Banned.

I'll cut this short. Every single video I made on UK comics had a complaint re. music clips ("fair usage") being used despite full credit given.  "Reported manually" -I queried that.  Apparently someone not associated with YT -a "YT member"- had reported each video.  They did not touch one single family video just the comic ones.  You see where this is going?  Well, I write "someone" even though YT had to tell me who it was by supplying the complainers url so I know who it is. The British "comics community" at work.

Now, this turd has done me a BIG favour.  How?  Well, I now have bragging rights. You see, I can now claim that several of my videos are banned in 250 countries -let's face it that is a World wide ban. To a fucking rebellious bastard like me that is equivalent to TEN Gold Olympic medals (make that 25 Gold medals) so to that person: THANK YOU.  Cus, Bitch -you just made 2016 for me.

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