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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

If I Had A Polished Metal Mirror Like Ozzy....

I'd travel back in time, too.

I guess you had to read the 1951 annual to know what I was writing about there!

Yesterday I finished 9 pages worth of lettering -the only thing I use the computer for with making comic strips.

Today, I designed and lettered three comic covers as well as 5 book ads and tidied up 20 UK Golden Age British black and white pages which was a task in itself!

So now I'm resting.

And, yes, after MORE stealing and not crediting original scans of UK Golden Age (that took a lot of time and cleaning up) I've closed both the Golden Age groups.  Enough is enough.  Buy the book or books just do not take things I've put hours into cleaning and making presentable and say they are yours.

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