Wednesday, 9 August 2017

New Comic Book Day - 9th August 2017

Listen to the utter bull shit Ghost Critic was given over not getting the books he wanted.  EVERY thing he says the shop owner said I was hearing back in 2009,  It is all excuse because these shop owners are just amateurish and not interested in anything that does not make a profit.  You buy in, display and promote.  Expecting a customer to do your job as a shop owner shows why so many of these people are failing.  I hear more people ordering online now where they are guaranteed their books.

"Oh it was lack of customer interest in books they were not told were being published!"

"Oh, it's the increased cost due to Brexit!"

 "Oh, it's the fault of comic buyers!!"

Everyone elses fault except their own.  Well, Marvel can do it whynot them?

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