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Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Reason For Posting The C2E2 2018 - Artist Alley Vlog

All of these Cons -"con" being the appropriate word- yap away about supporting the artistic community which sounds great and incredible of them.  What they mean is "exploiting" the artistic community.

The guy in this video had to spend to get his prints for sale, etc. and then had to travel to the event, book an hotel room and, unless he is not human, buy food and something to drink. That is on top of the $1,400 he paid...for floor space.  Yes, because these people are there to screw every penny out of you. There was no table provided so he had to hire one at $60 or $80 (I forget).  Oh...he had to hire a chair, too.

He was making some money but not enough, if he is being honest, to pay for the floor space, table, chair and everything else.

These smaller creators/publishers are not Marvel, DC or Image. Fleecing them with high prices and then extras is not supporting the creators or comic community. It is ripping them off. Just to cover floor space, table and chair he would need top sell $2,000 worth of goods. But there is no profit in that. How is that a good helping hand to creators.

I posted this video because it highlights everything I have said about comic events and overcharging -and don't think that a "table" at some of these events in the UK actually means there is a table.  You see 6 ft table space ask if there is a table!

In comics there are only three groups who earn good money: big comic publishers, Comic distributors and Con organisers.  Everyone else is a piggy-bank to be shaken until every coin is gone.

Then you can feck off.

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  1. Pfft! Well, I believe this says it all. Welcome indeed to the good old twenty first century. I was discussing just this sort of thing on the phone last night. The only literacy seems to be had within fleecing someone else's wallet. The sort of thing that the post-iron lady and the vent act kid scions relish. Roll on summer and they'll be nicking kid's ice creams. The gulls have competition and they're laughing at you.