Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Cinebook The 9th Art Newsletter 130 - October 2018

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Dear Reader,
Ends and new beginnings this month. First, we bring you the 7th and final volume of the gorgeous Complete Collection of Valerian, packed full of ground-breaking sci-fi as usual. Are your shelves groaning under the weight yet?
But science-fiction fans need not worry, for we also debut a new series written by Leo, creator of The Worlds of Aldebaran, and illustrated by Icar: Distant Worlds, a self-contained story in five volumes, distinct from Aldebaran – although readers will recognise Leo's gift for creating strange extra-terrestrial creatures and ecosystems. A lost father, An adventurous young man and a planet-wide mystery – what more does anyone need?
Then it's the return of Largo Winch, but with a new writer at the helm: Eric Giacometti, veteran novelist and reporter, takes over from Jean Van Hamme, and does it in style, bringing Largo up to date on 21st century financial practices – with the usual trail of bodies and high-speed chases, of course!
Finally, our newest Lucky Luke brings the Lonesome Cowboy all the way across the Atlantic to … Paris, the City of Light! A far cry from his usual open skies of the West, but who better to protect Lady Liberty, after all?
October with Cinebook: we're only just starting!
Not only is this the seventy first Lucky Luke we publish, but this is also the latest one! A Cowboy in Paris by Jul and Achdé will be coming out on 2 November in French and in English – how's that for quick delivery, hmm?!

Distant Worlds 1 
Icar & Leo
Episode 1
18 year old Paul, his mother and his sister land on Altair-4, a recently established human colony. They expect to be reunited with Paul's father there and start a new life, but he doesn't show up to welcome them at the spaceport... Read more

Largo Winch 17 
Francq & Giacometti
Morning Star
After the dramatic events in London, Largo is on the hunt for the man who ordered the bombing that nearly killed him. But his enemy, whoever he is, has a lot of people working for him – and is always three moves ahead... Read more

Lucky Luke 71 
Achdé & Jul
A Cowboy in Paris
While dragging the Daltons back to a new prison after their umpteenth escape, Luke comes across a French sculptor, Bartholdi, who's touring the West with a strange sculpture: a colossal hand holding a torch. In fact, it's part of the now famous Statue of Liberty, and Bartholdi is raising funds towards its construction and transport from France... Read more

Mézières & Christin
The Complete Collection 7
Mézières and Christin have done something that almost no one had done before: after 43 years at the helm, they decided of their own accord to conclude the adventures of their heroes. The three titles in this volume (At the Edge of the Great Void, The Order of the Stones and The Time Opener) bring things full circle and establish the definitive end of the story... Read more
Blake & Mortimer 25
The Valley of the Immortals
Mermaid Project
Episode 1

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