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Friday, 7 August 2015

BIOGS Are Returning!!!

At long last new generations can see the incredible artwork that has inspired comic artists and even modellers!


Rebellion are finally bringing out a book featuring the Great Massimo Belardinelli's Dan Dare...and BIOGS!!!

 John Freeman's Down The Tubes:
2000AD Dan Dare Collection Volume OneThanks to Rebellion, publishers of 2000AD, we’re delighted to bring you this exclusive Dan Dare item!

Featured here is Dave Gibbons specially commissioned and truly stunning cover for the first collection of the “Dan Dare” strips from 2000AD.

This Dan Dare: The 2000AD Years collection – the first of two – is the first time stories of the space hero as he appeared in the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic have been brought together.

When 2000AD launched in 1977, a rejuvenated, hard-edged Dan Dare was the lead strip in the first issue, alongside other classic strips such as “Invasion”, “Flesh” and “Harlem Heroes”, the latter drawn by Gibbons, who would later make 2000AD’s version of Dare, first seen in Eagle in the 1950s, very much his own.

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  1. Oh, HEY ! and many appreciative noises. At last, I can read them in English, rather than attempting to translate Spanish. Huzzah. etc.

  2. I may be off here, but weren't both of 'Hitman's' hands welded to his guns in the strip ? If so, it's a bit of a slip as Gibbons drew those stories ! Still, a lovely cover - and the return of the two Belardinelli illustrated Dan Dare stories to be appreciated again will be a treat. Dog headed space companions. Living axes. The return of the Mekon. Human flesh eating maggots. A giant albino Martian spaceship captain. Huzzah, indeed.

    1. Baldrick; (somewhat lamely and uncertainly, as if he is going to be the unwilling victim of all of them! ) Hooray. Up . . Space . . Fleet.

  3. Stransky -can't remember about Hitman. All I remember are Biogs and the Belardinelli art -Gibbons drew the follow ups written by Gerry Finley Day? Basically a lot of character getting killed left right and centre! For me it's the Belardinelli stuff -sadly, I doubt without its red and blue art pages!!!

  4. I'm told by someone on the Belardinelli group Hitman had just one hand -which is what I thought -you confused me!!!