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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Clarification On Non-UK Comics 澄清非英国漫画

A couple of email and Face Book queries over what I wrote a while back.

No, I did NOT mean to say that if any publisher -European or beyond- approached me that I would not work for them.  Not sure how that confusion arose.

As to whether I would turn down producing comics for a more economically poor country...yes, of course I would. Not every country has the same high GDP and not all publishers have huge budgets. The very creation of a comic is a reward but so is eating so to reply to "Steve" (not wishing to embarass him): yes, I would expect SOME payment!

Hope that settles the confusion.


在我写的一段时间回来一对夫妇的电子邮件和脸书查询。 不,我不是这个意思是说如果任何发行商-欧洲或周边地区-走近我,我会不会为他们工作。不知道如何混乱产生的。 至于我是否会拒绝生产的漫画更经济贫穷的国家......是的,我当然会。不是每个国家都有相同的高GDP,而不是所有的出版商有庞大的预算。非常创作漫画是一种奖励,但这样是吃如此回复“史蒂夫”(不希望他难堪):是的,我会期待一些支付 。希望平息混乱。

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