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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

WHO co-created Pete Wisdom and WHO is this "Artist Dilworth" mentioned in Planetary?
So, there I was: up a step ladder painting the living room walls when I hear a loud "Thud"!  I go out into the hallway to find Amazon has delivered my portable DVD player/RW -through the letter box and onto the hard floor.

It works. Amazingly, since I thought it was not too well packaged it might have been broken.

You don't care, right?

Anyway, I was reading the Planetary Omnibus, written by Warren Ellis, yesterday afternoon and on one page the dialogue reads: "Dilworth the artist was born near here" (I may be paraphrasing (it IS a big book) when referring to Norfolk.  Now, unless I missed something, there is no character or other reference to a "Dilworth" in Planetary.

My question is, therefore, was this a little tribute to Ben R. Dilworth -Ellis knew him and I think they both worked on something together.  In case you did not know I'll quote Wikipedia (even if they won't recognise me!) on a certain Marvel character named Pete Wisdom:

"Pete Wisdom was initially created by Ellis and drawn by Ben Dilworth, in a pitch for "Electric Angel" for publisher Trident Comics. Wisdom was an angry young Essex man, with the power to summon electricity. Ellis said at Toronto Comicon 2005 that the character is based on Jack Regan from The Sweeney. Later, at Marvel, Wisdom formally debuted, his first appearance was as an agent for the British covert organization Black Air in Excalibur vol. 1, #86 (February 1995)."

Which makes Dilworth co-creator -but not getting that credit nor any remuneration from it.  But, he ain't Kirby or Ditko so WTF, yeah?  Fairness and credit where it is due. The character should -SHOULD- have the credit "Created by Warren Ellis and Ben R.Dilworth" but comic fans turn a blind eye to these things unless it involves some sacred cow they have latched on to.

Yes, I do get a bit "narky" when it comes to these things.  Oh, and if you know the page number with that quote from Planetary Omnibus please let me know...I've lost it!!

Back to decorating.

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