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Monday, 21 December 2015

Art Wanted and Deviant Art, this is why I don't intend adding more to my Art Wanted pages. I think I had FOUR comments (all positive) in ten years.  Nothing else.

My Deviant Art page ditto.  Only thing I got there were constant requests from people to draw their "hot ground-breaking graphic novel..." and "...once it's drawn I can offer it to publishers" and all I have to do is draw between 150-200 pages (!) for free and no guarantee  I'll ever hear from the,uh, "writer" (if I immediately see all the problems in a script you ain't a writer).  So I may just leave Deviant Art as it is because I do not check it any more.

All very depressing stuff.

Terry -

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Kitanu on 03/06/2011


  1. I didn´t even know such a page as Art Wanted exists. I share a DevianArt page with one of my brothers but I haven´t been there in years. Is the picture with the three kids from SOUTH PARK ?

    Nice Panther and Owl pic by the way. Mind if I borrow it ?

  2. Hi. Good to hear you got the books. Owl pic -go on. I'll be generous and let you use it!!