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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Ooooh. Did I Make A Big Mistake!!

So, I'm looking through the Green Skies pages and I'm sure I drew certain scenes.  No.  I did not.  Then I need to move a few things under my table.

What's in this A3 plastic wallet -Maakia art?


Green Skies art from back in late April.  Yes, I actually did draw the pages I remembered.  So I go through the art and count the pages.  Some 74 in total which means far from being 321 pages drawn as thought it is actually 395 pages plus panels not yet pasted to pages.

I need to wrap this one up because I do not want it going  over 450 pages if I can help it.  Now this (like Return Of The Gods) will be a proper "graphic novel".

Please, please, please don't let me find more pages!!!


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  2. Realized I should just say that I understand. got carried away with the last one and thought that I should delete.

  3. Oh, man, I totally forgot that I wanted to do some fanart for Green Skies. I could have sent it with the comics.....grrr, I´m so stupid. oooops, did I just think it or actually write it ? Never mind, I´ll try to do a picture before you finish up on the thing. I only have to look in RETURN OF THE GODS for any cool characters ( and when I say cool characters I mean hot chicks ) to draw. I take it all of the survivors from RETURN OF THE GODS are in GREEN SKIES ( except the heroes from the parallels ? maybe ? ).

  4. And the dead ones aren't in it. Some new ones -including all the German characters who should have appeared in D-Gruppe by now! No parallel heroes since the Black Tower Universe is "Quarantined", Everything and everyone else is in this....including the current Mayor of London...I' That would give some of the story away! Interesting to see what you come up with. Apparently,there is a limit to 700 so I guess a 450 pages epic will have to do!