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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

No. No. No.

I do not know how to put this more plainly.  I DO NOT CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS

It is that simple.  I have no interest in having people be "nice" to me on one day out of 365.  I'm not religious.  No family to "celebrate" with and that's it. 

Don't with me a "Merry Christmas". 

Thank you.


  1. Which is why I said precisely what I did and even more precisely what I didn't, because I don't celebrate Christmas either, unless you actually have tingly condiments? I steer clear of those words by using inference on a basis of take it how you will. That it is a 'season' is undeniably a fact celebrated by some as festive. I am a midsummer person myself and long for it. At the moment, the promise of Spring in a few months is barely enough to keep me going. Are we on the same side now?

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    1. Ah. that means you didn't read my comment before I removed it. Please allow me to be at one with my embarrassment. I apologize for the confusion caused. I do confusion too well sometimes and the best thing for everyone's health is to ignore it. I'll just say that I hope everything works better in the coming year. I am also saying this for myself as well. the only way is up - I hope.