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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Fortress Europe.....?

Right. Let's try to be sensible and calm. I waited until after Christmas but the news is not good about getting Black Tower Books into Europe. 

The Franco-Belgian attitude is that they can pick-and-choose what they like. It also seems standards have dropped because, to try to get their books accepted, creators are taking vast cuts in fees. Or they are being told how much is being published so they need to expect less financial 'reward'!

 I bet Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse aren't told "Well,we might publish your books ...but we'll only pay far less than you want". Yes, the upholders of the artistic and creators rights have been replaced by younger people from the university of "Feck art this is about earning a bundle!" 

Oddly, two French people looked at the Black Tower online store and both asked "How are you keeping THIS a secret?" What? Yeah, only a few million (no joke) have seen the postings and ads. Well kept secret.

I did love the publisher and "This is in English?"  Well, d'uh!  Dummy. Nice insult to the English in the response as well.

Seriously, things don't look good unless some smaller publisher is out there and willing to handle the titles.

 "How are you keeping THIS a secret?"  Lucky I was in a diplomatic mood.

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