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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Mr Dilworth

Package sent today.

The Swan is sinking in the mist.  Repeat: the Swan is sinking in the mist.

Everyone else: Run -they know what you've been up to!!!!!


  1. Great. I'll await your package with glee. "The Swan is sinking in the mist" ? Too poetic for me. I prefer (Title) 'Just Another Joker' "My broken Mirror/ jagged Smile/ No Face I'd know"
    That suits. Seeya.

  2. Good ! Hope you like it - not so much new, but a lot of nostalgia. What might have been... "Gerald Swan is sinking in the mists of time. Year by year a more faded ( but rosy ) memory for the few who care to remember that there once was a time when comics were supposed to be short lived entertainments for pre-teens.... and some of the characters they created were amazing!!" Enjoy the ATTACKER collection.

  3. PS I know the ATTACKER is not related to Swan. I'm suggesting you've made a few amazing original characters yourself. Hope that clarifies.