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Friday, 2 September 2016

A Tweet Here A Tweet There What The Twittering Hell Is Going On, Hooper?

An explanation of sorts.

You see, it might confuse and might even annoy a few people out there when they see a Tweet or Google+ that...well, they have already seen. Not sure how that works but here is the explanation as to "why".

Some people (a lot) have me on Twitter, Google+ for the Anomalous Observational Phenomena blog.  They do NOT follow comics.  People who are into comics follow me on those two and other social media but each is specific: AOP posts or CBO or even Maakika posts.

In my internet confusion I never realised this until I tried specific posts. Visits to those posts showed me what was going on. Twitter usually stops duplicate postings but because of specific followers they get through.

Besides, I am desperately trying to save a business so throw me a crumb!

I apologise if you see duplicate posts!

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