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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Comics For Germany?

Really. Another from the same Yahoo group member -I've asked him to comment on CBO but he won't!

This time I was asked about Black Tower Comics for Germany.  I gave up on that idea.  My German is not good enough to translate the series and I can't afford a translator so, no.

Always wanted to but I cannot see German comic fans buying English language comics -D-Gruppe is available through the online store but no sales or interest there. Seems very unlikely I'll ever achieve that goal.


  1. Hey Terry, sorry. A quick off topic comment. Package in the post - should get to you in ten days, I should have sent this to you about two weeks ago but got delayed. It's a nostalgic package. Anyway - my mother-in-laws one year passing ceremony is over ( yesterday ) so now we should be able to discuss Paypal normally. Let's see.

  2. I'm posting one off to you Wednesday. Chronal anomalies and interstitial spatial interference permitting it should be with you "whenever". :-)