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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Before I Go Off To Seek Fame And Fortune....

I am looking to replace some comics that were 'borrowed'.  UK weeklies to be specific and Supernaturals to be very specific.

I'll go as far as £3.00 each +p&p.   Two full sets I only just found out about described as in "perfect condition" went for £12 and £15.00 -I will buy a full set at that price but otherwise....these are the ones I am looking for email and subject head "Supernaturals".



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  2. Never heard of that comic but the cover art looks great might look out for a few issues myself - good luck tracking them down - I gave a "friend" a loan of about 30 US comics including First issues of , Master of Kung Fu, Luke Cage, Howard the Duck (1970s) and several 100 page DC comics from 1967 - 1972 never saw them again and lost contact with him years ago – there’s a moral there somewhere lol

  3. Well, the Managing editor at Fleetway, Gil Page, told me that the title was "a bit more than disappointing" because he thought if you were going to offer a horror comic it should be a horror comic. Also -NEVER EVER let any fecker near comics you have!!!