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Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Original Blockbuster Suicide Squad!

A group of lifers and death-rowers pulled together by a hard task master to complete a suicide mission against insurmountable odds.

The Suicide Squad.....uh, Dirty Dozen...forty years or so ago (1967)?  Solid acting and action as well as scripting. Hey -Hollywood!


  1. I vaguely remember the Dirty Dozen - and also a tidbit of info. I think that was Charles Bronson's breakout movie - and in the credits he is called 'Charles Bronkowski'. I know he appeared in the Vincent Price 3D horror movie 'House of Wax' as the mute assistant - but that didn't propel him into the big leagues... just thought I'd let you know. I think I'm right there...

  2. I know Walter Matthau was uncredited in Earthquake -I think he used his real name? But as for Bronson:"In 1954, during the House Un-American Activities Committee proceedings, he changed his surname from Buchinsky to Bronson at the suggestion of his agent, who feared that an Eastern European surname might damage his career. He reportedly took his inspiration from the Bronson Gate at the studios of Paramount Pictures, situated on the corner of Melrose Avenue and Bronson Street." Also on the poster he is Charles Bronson. There are a few Hollywood stars who used their real names so escape the eyes of fans "whop didn't know"!