Saturday, 30 June 2018

Cinebook The 9th Art Newsletter 126 - June 2018

Right.  Now I KNOW what the person was talking about. "Ian" is a new title at Cinebook. So, to the person who asked "when is Ian being released?" just read this!   :-)

And, no, I have not included links to other "review" sites because they never promote CBO...and CBO reviews weren't mentioned again so I'm being stroppy!

Dear Reader,
Have you ever wondered, when reading the adventures of your favourite heroes, what they might have been like as children? What sort of shenanigans they might have been mixed up in even before they reached adulthood? How they met their best friend and trusty sidekick?
Well, we have some answers for you in this regard, with volume 69 ofLucky Luke, where we go back in time and meet the Lonesome Cowboy when he was still a tad slower than his own shadow. Promising boy, though – and already up for some Old West zaniness!
Equally zany but in a much more 'stiff upper lip' way is Clifton, the grouchy, so British, not-quite-ex-secret agent. Retirement is a fleeting thing in the world of Intelligence, and an old boss showing up suddenly is usually bad news – even when it's supposedly just to train a new recruit …
Finally, fans of Valerian & Laureline will be delighted to see volume 5 of The Complete Valerian out – with the usual collection of fantastic stories and extra material presented in a gorgeous hardback edition. You are collecting these already, right … ?
June with Cinebook – like a second childhood!

Clifton 8 
Turk & Bob de Groot
Sir Jason
Holidaying in the country, Clifton receives the unexpected — and unwelcome — visit of an MI5 bigwig. He finds himself reinstated against his will, and tasked with finalising the training of a promising new recruit of the Intelligence Service: Sir Jason ... Read more

Lucky Luke 69 
Morris and Pierce & Léturgie & Pierce
Kid Lucky
We all know Lucky Luke, the man who shoots faster than his own shadow. But even he was once a child, and back then he was already having grand adventures in the Old West! The young boy is travelling with an old, grumpy, alcoholic prospector in search of gold, when a conflict with the local Indian tribe leads to kidnapping... Read more

Mézières & Christin
The Complete Collection 5
Fifth volume of the collection, and it's almost a new series that begins, without ever losing any of what makes its strength or its charm. In this volume of the Collection you will find books 13 to 15... Read more
Alone 9
Before the Midnight Child
An Electric Monkey
Lucky Luke 70
O.K. Corral
The Complete Collection 6

North-American readers, to locate a comic book shop near you that stocks or can order these titles and many more, us this handy Read more 

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