Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Green Skies Final Format & Maakika Art

As announced on the Black tower Face Book page this morning, a decision is made over the final format of The Green Skies.

There will be no multi-part serialisation in Black Tower super Heroes (which will end with issue no. 9) which, to be honest, would not encourage readers due to the overall cost of buying every issue until the story ends.

The story will feature in a stand alone book and the usual A4 format will be adopted though final page count is still to be decided.  There will be no text filler just 400+ pages of comic art. Cheaper for anyone interested by about 80%!

The question about Maakika Art.  I am looking at how Art Wanted operates since some people have asked how to get prints of various pieces.  Once I have looked at that I will make an announcement on the BTCG Face Book page first and then here.

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