Saturday, 16 June 2018

The Green Skies Page far

Okay, hospital and other things out of the way, I removed some pages from The Green Skies that I thought would fit better into the final issue of Black Tower Super Heroes (BTSH).

I counted all the pages and, so far, they total 424 -there are a few "bridging pages" needed and then whatever my brain decides will be the final pages. I want to keep the page count to -and this may just be wishful thinking- around 450.  However, as this is the last big book I'll be doing I want to tidy things up as well as add a few things.

If I made this into a series in parts in BTSH then I would need to publish in parts of 20+ pages with other strips to fill out the standard 48pp book.  That would take up 22 issues at least. But even 40+ pages of the story in each issue will involve a 10 issue run.  Now a 48pp book with all the work involved, plus the printers and POD company cut would cost at the least £8.00 (just over $10 US/9 Euro) a copy. For 22 issues that is £176.00 ($233 US/201 Euro).  As as for 10 issues at £8.00 that would total £64.00 ($84/73 Euro).

A 450 pp, black & white, perfect bound paperback on the other hand will cost around £20.00 ($26/22 Euro).  That is £44.00 and £156.00 difference. It would not make me a big profit but it is a lot to ask a comic buyer to spend, in my mind, for a story and the big companies might operate like that but I just cannot.

I would sooner give someone a decently priced book that contains the whole story.  No cross-overs, no "You MUST read this title as well" just a plain straight read.

Which means that my quandary, as outlined previously, is now gone.  It may not sell but a single volume it is.  Now I just have to get to work!

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