Sunday, 8 July 2018

Last Words. Facts

No one wants to openly post comments to CBO just private snide comments in emails.

Seriously, why can people not concentrate on Ditko's work rather than tell lies about how poor he was because of evil Stan Lee?

Yesterday I read and watch some of the most despicable things said and claimed about Stan Lee and how he got rich while Ditko lived a poor life. The obscene names used against Lee shows that there are some very low IQs in comics -quoting the made up facts presented by Alan Moore does not give you a water tight case.

Ditko was NOT poor.

The big give away was the fact Ditko worked for years out of an office in  Manhattan's Midtown West neighbourhood- you could not afford an office there if you had no cash.

His apartment was not a run down, cheap hovel.

Go to

Ditko was worth over $5 Million

I wish I was half as poor.

Now let's concentrate on Ditko's art and what we loved about it rather than the fake fans on the net.

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