Sunday, 28 October 2018


Authors: Fabien Vehlmann; illustrated by Bruno Gazzotti
Age: 10 years and up
Size: 21.7 x 28.7 cm
Number of pages: 48 colour pages
Publication: August 2018
ISBN: 9781849184106
£6.99 inc. VAT
This product is currently not available.

In the arenas, the Campton kids have won their ‘citizenship’ of the In-Between-World’s strange society. Now free to come and go as they please, they’ve left town for the mountains, following Dodzi without really knowing why.

When the young boy explains to them that he is in fact trying to discover whether he is the herald of Evil – the Midnight Child – a violent dispute ensues. Meanwhile, hidden nearby, the soldiers of the First Families await an opportunity to attack...

I reviewed no. 8 –The Arena back in April and to be honest I opened this new album up and sat back to enjoy.  I then had difficulty remembering what had gone on before as this is seven months later and I read a lot.  In fact, I think that I may be missing an album as certain references drew a blank from me.  Cinebook does seem to be getting long delays in books appearing –this album is designated August 2018 and I have waited but it is still on the site as This product is currently not available.

A pity because I do love this series and the characters in it  interact well. I initially stated that I wondered whether this would work.  Violence, scary scenes, killings and all the other things do work and not an adult in sight.  I will warn you to prepare for a shock at the end of this one.

I would hate to see Alone as a movie or TV series because it works so well in comic book format.  A winner!

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