Sunday, 7 October 2018

Things Is How Things Is

I am almost Shakespearean at times.

Well, after 21 years of CBO all of you who pop by here on a daily basis -CBO has now sailed way past 4.5 million views since 2012 when it moved to Blogger from WordPressw- and over the last few months I have asked for just the most meagre of signs of support -comments or whatever. Nothing. I was proven right when I told the person who said "Give PayPal donations one last go" that I expected there to be no response.

You want stuff for free.  You don't care enough to type "Enjoyed the post" -even spam porn messages send me more than that.  You don't want more Mega Posts.  You don't want CBO video posts. You just want stuff for free and for it to not involve too much straining by moving and clicking the mouse.

You are the reason bloggers are quitting and why small publishers are also quitting. Three artists (quality artists at that) have told me in the last week they are quitting comics. You will not buy books or support anyone in any way and it is you who is killing off comics.

Now, move along petal.  I am sure there are other places you can leech from.

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