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Terry Hooper-Scharf

Monday 13 March 2023

Hexagon Comics - KABUR #4: RETURN TO THULE

Stories by Jean-Marc Lofficier; ; cover by Manuel Martin Peniche.

7x10 squarebound comic, 
84 pages 
ISBN-13: 9778-1-64932-152-7. 

18 . THE TOWER OF VOLODYANE art by Manuel Martin Peniche (Dialogues by J.-M. Lainé)
19. THE WRATH OF KIMERA art by Manuel Martin Peniche
20. RETURN TO THULE art by Manuel Martin Peniche,  Juan Roncagliolo Berger


THE FOUNTAIN story & art by Angelo Sierra de La Mar

One hundred million years before the world we know, the continent of Hyperborea existed. Kabur, the rebellious young prince of Ultima Thulé and his companion, the beautiful ex-slave girl Lagrid, thrived there.
After defeating an evil doppelganger, Kabur must now return to the city of his birth from which he was banished by his father, the King. The journey, however, is long and fraught with many perils!
In this collection of three new episodes, Kabur will successively encounter the diabolical wizard Volodyne, his childhood love, Princess Kimera, before finally returning to the court of Thulé and reconciling with his father.
Stories by Jean-Marc Lofficier, illustrated by Manuel Martin Peniche and Juan Roncagliolo Berger.

Okay, 100 million years ago? Well new evidence says there were unknown hominids using tools 450,000-550,000 years ago so who's gonna argue?  And before we get into human ancestry...the book itself!

Barbarians (sort of) plus an evil wizard I mean if that was not here you might question things, right?  Deception! Treachery! Fighting! Oh, and even a mermaid so all bases covered.  That cover alone must make a comic reader want to look inside, surely? Okay...if I mentioned there was also a giant spider5?

Damn. You are a tough audience!

This is a fun read and all nice artwork as well as a good 84 pages to read and I do know there is a large Barbarian comics sub-culture out there so if that's what you are into here is a book for you -and back issues too....

Are you man (or woman) enough to delve into the world of 100 Million years ago? You are? Good -there are books here to buy. Buy.

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