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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Exclusive: Hear Wil Wheaton discuss his mental illness with Project UROK

 Child actor-turned-maligned-Star-Trek-character-turned-geek-icon Wil Wheaton has been fairly open about his struggles with mental illness and depression. But for those who haven’t heard about that side of his life before, Project UROK spoke with the actor/writer about the way his anxiety affects him and why he eventually chose to seek help. We’re debuting that interview exclusively here on The A.V. Club:

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  1. There are times when I can't even look at or say my own name without hating the look or sound of it and without appending upon it, " you stupid worthless failure ". That's why I prefer 'Sepp', and attempt not to drag 'him' down to the same place. If the latter can finally lift the former out of the depressed area 'he' inhabits, so much the better. The process may be finally starting, but it takes time, calm for the healing to take place. Starting to actually be an artist again, how I began, is a help. Good luck to Wil.