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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

So This Comic Store Owner Emails Me....WARNING USE OF HARSH LANGUAGE!!

So about 2200 hrs last night this email pops.  It's from someone called Greg in the United States.  I read all this stuff about how his dad started up their comic store in the 1970s and it goes on and on.  I start to think that he is sending his email to the wrong person but then I get to that final paragraph.

Apparently, his father had weathered the collapse of the comic market in the early 1980s and made a big profit from the following "black and white comics explosion" -as did many other store owners, publishers and creators.  All spelling is down to him!

"I was talkin to my dad about the way the business is going. Sales aint that great despite the hype.  He sez it is exactly like the 1980s collapse.  He read about all these black and white comics and sez its just like the 8ties...."

He's getting there, bear with, I'll make this short so you don't suffer like I did. Customers are getting a bit jaded.  They can see the "immunent collapse of comics" and remembered the black and white "fall-back".  This is, it seems, MY chance to get books into their store.  I supply them at 45% discount and once they all sell they'll "settle up what is owed".

My response was less than polite but I do know this store has actually laughed at Small Pressers in the past when they asked about taking some of their books.  Doug told me the response he got was "Sonny, this ain't a crayon lesson at kindergarten -this is big boys comics!"

My reply.

"I would like the thank both you and your father for your incredible lack of support to Independent Comics over the years.  While we all struggled to make a living because store owners never gave a fuck about us because you were all raking in money from your Diamond Previews stock.  And NOW you see a downturn in comic sales so you want US to save your asses again?  You want ME to foot the shipping bill for free comics to you in the US and I can then hope and pray you are honest and WILL pay me a pittance from my hard work? Fuck you.  Fuck your store.  Who gives a shit if you go out of business because you mean nothing -NOTHING- to me.  Harsh? Well that is what you and other store owners have been saying to us Independent creators for years!"

And it isn't just me.  Small Pressers have been told by store owners in the US that they will be in touch when mainstream comics hit the bottom BUT making it clear they'll be expecting a big discount on comics they do take and not payable up-front either.

Yep, looks like the rats are scrambling to survive.


  1. ! - It's a old tune they're singing and either they are idiots or they think we are.

  2. They think that because we're indies that we don't have any business sense and will be 'grateful' for them deigning to 'allow' us to sell our stuff in their stores...
    Yes they are idiots and personally i can'#t wait for the crash to see some shops get what they deserve

  3. The thing is, Dave: Shop owners are either fan boys who run a store for themselves and their mates -I can think of four examples off the top of my head- or it is to make a lot of money quickly then retire....they hope. The old shops used to be run by fans or people interested in comics but who knew there were all sorts of comic readers. And seriously, I have had the "you MAY buy from my store" attitude so many times that I gave up supporting them!