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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Wow. That's Grim
And I mean that seriously.  If you check out Kostenbraunstar on You Tube (link on blog roll) you'll see he bought a long box of New Mutants -including doubles- at roughly 35 cents (that's about 15p UK) each...and more. 

I thought just luck.

Tony, a long time collector, was at another sale last Sunday (I think he's near New York) and he purchased 4 long boxes of comics for $40 (£20).  Apparently the man selling them had tried selling the books to dealers at conventions who just turned him away.  Comic shops did like wise. Two boxes were Justice Leagues, Green Lanterns from the 1980s and the other two Avengers and X-Men from the 1980s. Tony is happy.

Then a third blogger tells how he was looking at five long boxes of Marvel and DCs from the 1980s. He was at the back of a comic store and casually said to the owner "Aren't these a fire hazard by the back door?"  The owner turned to him and said: "***** yeah. $25 and they're yours!"  Realising the store owner WAS being serious -out came $25!  As he carried the last box out he asked why they were so cheap (he suddenly had this image of being arrested for buying stolen goods)?  "**** -who the ***** gives a **** about those comics. I can't sell 'em and I told the guy so!"  It seems that as the store owner went into the back room the man with the comic boxes left them by the door and ran off.

You want to leave boxes of comics at my door please do.

FC21 sent me a message that he has been trying to get rid of some "hot" Marvel issues as he was moving back home (no idea where he was living).  He had all the receipts from the comic store in his note book.  Total he had spent in just six months -$2000.  Apparently that shocked him and prompted his interest in selling.  Each place he phone or called in at told him they did not want to buy back issues -apparently there are a "glut" of them.  He pointed out his list included "hot issues" and got laughed at -"hot issues for US to sell YOU not You sell US!"

Tony, mentioned above, asked his local stores ("one store will miss an issue I have on standing order so I travel across town to another to get it" -something I've mentioned stores doing commonly) about Secret Wars -one store had a lot of copies including back numbers.  The other had Battleworld maps but only a couple copies of Secret Wars.  The store with lots of issues told him they are not selling well -though a lot of people grabbed the 1st issue (yeah, that'll be worth a mint!).  The other store, apparently, under ordered but still did not get rid of all the copies which were sold on to an Ebay dealer at a discount.

That is even grimmer than I thought.  Lots of comic blogs report people trying to sell their comics but having to store them away or even give them away.

Hey, if comics implode remember to thank Disney/Marvel and DC.

And it seems this "Dollar a dozen" was starting back in 2014.  I even found a blog describing what seems to be getting to be a VERY common incident.  Not just me saying this you know.

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