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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A Few Words....

In between decorating the house and bouts of pain -"no pain no gain" (I'd like some of the "gain" though)- I'm looking at a couple of books for reviews.  So, I've not given up just yet!

I write this because I think a few people misunderstood something in the last posting on the UK comics 'industry'.  I'm still in comics.  Nothing has changed.  Retirement is drawing closer, though but I am not giving a definite date.  :-P

One thing I noticed was the climb in CBO views and, as I have written before, the highest number of views for CBO has come from the Chinese language postings. That's views of MANY thousands.  But I can now tell you that the last UK comic industry posting is the highest viewed CBO post in English. The views are incredible -as is the overwhelming support from people in the UK comic scene as well as comic fans.  And, thank you, for pointing out that the arschloch who wrote "delusional" because he had no counter arguement, was the delusional one.

If I got this many views for every posting it would be great!

Once decorating is out of the way and my eyes calm down I will get back to The Green Skies.  It's by no means a dead project!

Figure reviews. Well, all I have to write about that in response to the people who asked is -I get figures I'll review them!

So, thank you for all your support and if anyone can explain WHY Blogger will not show views from New Zealand and Australia I'd appreciate it!

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