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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Yeah, this is not very likely: Fantastic Four Cast Want Silver Surfer & Namor In Sequel

Before you get suckered in by money-sucking, evil little profiteering toe-rags let me tell you now: The Sub-Mariner and Silver Surfer will NOT be appearing in the next FF movie.  If you read the comments by the two stars they are just giving off hot air but on to the item:

The cast of the new ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot have been talking about the characters they’d love to see in the sequel, namely a fan favourite and a character not yet seen on the big screen.

Michael B Jordan, who plays The Human Torch and Jamie Bell, who plays The Thing shared their thoughts with during the promotional trail for the film set for release next week.

“You can’t get away from Silver Surfer,” says Bell. “I know chronologically speaking that was the next villain in the previous franchise but I think Silver Surfer is cool looking.”

This is as likely as it is unlikely. The Silver Surfer is a top character Fox own as part of the Fantastic Four license, but they may be concious about repeating the past - as Bell mentions.

“Namor is a cool one,” Jordan then said, adding that the character is, “by far, he’s the strongest mutant. You know what I’m saying? Maybe not by far, but he’s the strongest mutant. It would be a pretty interesting battle, the Fantastic Four vs. Namor.”

Sadly this won’t be happening as the rights to Namor The Submariner belong to Universal Pictures and Marvel - the former belonging the distribution rights as they would for any solo Hulk movie.
Bell also spoke about how he wants to see the relationships between the four continue to grow.

“I’d like to see more of how the characters interact with each other famously from the comic,” he said. “It would be appealing to me. This [film] very much is to get them to that point, to take them from people you don’t know, to transition into characters you can recognise.

“The job of the next film is taking it further and having the characters already established, seeing them interact in the very famous kind of way. Things between me and Johnny get very antagonistic. More of a blossoming love story between Reed and Sue. More of a family dynamic. Stuff like that would be great. There’s a wealth of material and with a 90 minute run time of an origin story it’s very difficult to fit it all in.”


From what I've seen so far I have absolutely no interest in this movie.  The 1990s Roger Corman movie -uh, 'never released'- was far truer to the comic than even the later 2005 (?) movies.  Look at this poster for the new film.  I looked out of the bus today and thought my eyes were playing me up because I thought "did they use toys to replace the actors?"  But, no -this is an awful -AWFUL- poster!

Corman had various difficulties including budget but his movie was very enjoyable...though it was 'not' released of course (hah!)

But back to topic.  The Silver Surfer and Sub-Marinber are NOT the next big movie characters to waste all your money on.  Buy the comics because you love and enjoy them because with 1.5 billion comics across America alone, they ain't going to make you rich!

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