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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Financial Support From Visitors Is Keeping CBO Going...

...and then I woke up.

I would like to Thank Steve on one of my Yahoo groups who asked whether my posting meant there had been PayPal donations to keep CBO going....


Sorry. Tears of hysterical laughter running down my cheeks.

No, Steve. Not a penny -CBO only gets thousands of views and unlike the big busted women wearing shorts so tight they had to be put on by a gynaecologist and who go 'metal detecting' or 'farming' showing what they got, I don't have financial supporters.

I had thought about wearing a pair of extra shrunk down shorts and maybe wearing a very tight, moist t-shirt while wiggling my ass and tits makes money....then I saw what I looked like in the photos.  No. I won't be going that way.

Apparently what also gets lots of sponsors is going all name calling, trolling and claiming to be anti-SJW (its funny how those people now admit they ARE trolling "SJWs"!).  Nope. Not doing that because I would like to keep this blog fun.

If I post anything at all.  I have thought of a way to support CBO and myself, though.....

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