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Friday, 4 May 2018

Yes, It IS 0100 hrs....

...and it is...Saturday?  Really?  Wow,

Well I've another long sleepless night ahead anyway so I checked the online store...still no sales.  Even The Hooper Interviews -Have you seen who is interviewed in it.  Some of those creators are no longer with us now.

At this time of the morning it is very, very depressing.

And, no, no donations to PayPal to keep CBO going -I should have taken that bet and made some money.  Shops won't take old comics to pay for groceries apparently.  Whaaaat???

Anyway, remember anything you want reviewed like comics -small press or Indie or mainstream or even action figures and comic related merchandise just get in touch at the usual email for a postal address:

Now I'm off to make comic book soup...colourful bust tasteless and rather fibrey!

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