Monday, 21 May 2018

It Proves That A Review Once Published Is still Being Reviewed Years Later

It shows on the stats page all the time -some you can see in "Most Popular Posts" to the right.  Reviews of Cinebook titles, books from Titan Comics and so on are being read up to 8 years on and people buy based on those reviews (just not my books!).

I noted this morning Alger La Noire/Black Algiers a Casterman BD book I reviewed in March, 2012 has received a large number of views since yesterday.

And Kult Creations Reverend Cross #5 is still in the top 5 most viewed posts and that was posted on 1st April.

Not surprisingly, Ghostcritic's reviews video is top of the list again -and like me he is currently enjoying the new Marvel Avengers series though I do have a couple questions about things in it -continuity (remember that?).

And the Heroclix Avengers Infinity War unboxing video is still in the top 10 as is another toy related video -Cincy Nerd's Deadpool collection.

My January post "I Be Feelin' like...Robot Archie" has been in the top 10 for 4 days now.

Good to see so many posts getting checked out along with the newer ones.

Enjoy while they are there.

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