Wednesday, 30 May 2018

What Kind of Crazy Person Does That -answer that one!

"Pity you deleted that book. I wanted to buy it"

I read that and I call out "liar". The person involved has been on my groups since 2000 and the book in question was on the online store for ten years.  Reduced in price as a special offer, kept at a low price after that. You haven't bought a book you want to get in 10 years you ain't ever going to buy it....unless he was grubbing for a freebie?

Checking on something unconnected I saw all the high numbers for posts on Black Tower posts but then I noticed that the announcement in March that books were going to be deleted got 1,066 views.

I don't get it.  I really do not. Why check out all the book for sale posts but then not buy something -or better put, why does nothing sell if the posts get such high hits as they are clearly headed as Black Tower book posts?

meh. Publishing and blogging.  What crazy person does that?

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