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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Hogarth, Buscema & Druillet - Tac au tac (1972)

MrRobin14669 has done a great service on You Tube by posting these videos and this one especially -I've written about Burne Hogarth: Here is the man!  An Excellent French TV series...see UK?


  1. Ah good , and , even better , posted a link . Phone , not such a good link as I was going to ask you if you'd managed to see them . Every time I try seems to initiate a disaster . Maybe I AM jinxed after all as people seem to infer . Never mind . Best wishes anyway .

  2. Apologies , as I was one of those - as you gather - who tried to contact . Sorry to hear that you tinnitus is playing merry hell with you . As a sufferer myself I can empathize . Glad that you put up the Tac Au Tac segments . They were a very pleasant surprise when I found them and had to pass the details onto you ASAP in case you were interested . Will e-mail only . My very best wishes :

  3. Damn ; Druillett is fast with a marker ! I enjoyed seeing Burne Hogarth drawing with pastels . I did my first life drawings with them and it certainly encourages you to be bold with your drawing . I used to use end rolls of newsprint and you could get a big roll of paper for 50p . sadly something the East Anglian Daily Times no longer sell .