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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

It Was Back In The Day....but I've no idea which day...

 Here we go again.  "Back in the day", Amazing Heroes was the comics news publication from the United States.  And a lot -a lot- of creators tried to get a mention in it.  I never had to try -I think I was mentioned in three issues.

Once again I hear that...well, more BS from morons who I can only assume are jealous.  But I can only respond with this:

Anyway, in Amazing Heroes #179, May, 1990, Hal Hargit wrote in his Small Press World section, under The UK Invasion Part One, about a certain bearded human dynamo.

As I like to always show certain people up as total arses I am including the piece here.  Oddly, the, uh, "comic personality" spreading the muck was never once mentioned in Amazing Heroes. Ever.

Did you hear that bitch-slap?

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