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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Terries Assemble!

You know, I'm not sure whether I look better as Thor or the Black Widow. Looking pretty hot, though.



  1. Sorry I haven't commented for a while. Been a bit under a truck here. Still - I took some time ( last night ) and checked through the posts. Thanks for the 'Ben Dilworth Appreciation' post. When I saw it at first I thought - God ! I'm Dead !... but as there was not a tempus fugit at the bottom I guess it must be OK. The colour pages of the original ROTG was awesome. No joking Terry, the pages you put up before were, I thought, pretty damn good ( in poker parlance, within a couple of cards of professional ) but these newer ones are within an ace. Why wasn't this picked up ?
    Anyway - can't rant on anymore got to go and do...something. And Hey ! Terry's Assemble ... nice bod in the Black Widow outfit ... how did you do that Terry ? Hormones or silicon injections ? Hot. Take it easy.

  2. You're NOT dead? Bollox. I'll have to delete that post. It at least means "Ben R. Dilworth" has a bigger internet presence now. Why was ROTG not picked up? Because it was at a time when all European publishers were being bought out by Egmont and the industry just died. Marvel and DC have no interest in creator owned stuff. One day maybe a Euro publisher....who the feck am I kidding?!! And Black Widow may have a cracking ass but its mine. Pelvic thrusts (100 per day) plus buttock muscle clenching. Gods I look sooooooooooo hot.