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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Investing In Small Press Is Paying Off....for ME!

Sadly, I see some of Brian "Bib" Edwards collection is for sale on Ebay.  These would have been great additions to an archive.  But....

I have a large collection which I hope will one day be deposited at the Bristol Central Library.  In fact, a stipulation will be that NONE are sold for any reason.  All sorts of printing, stapling and qualities means it is a very mixed bag and now valued at (get ready) £1000-1500.

Luckily, I have a lot of doubles and trebles because I invested money in them at the time.  I may sell these mail order at the end of 2015 but there is quite a selection of poetry, prose, gaming, strip and other zines.  You won't find 98% of them on any Ebay listing but the ones you will find are labelled "scarce"/"Classic UK Zine" (??)/"Rare" and they go for £4.50-£7.00. 

As I know that every comic and book I have is going to be sold off when I croak and what does not sell will be burnt (including artwork but it will be out of my hands!) I might as well make money from the duplicates -50p and £1.50 comics are already making four times their original value which is exactly what I was writing about in my comic investment post.

An example of my own books -people can still buy them cheaper but copies of The Mark Tyme and Purple Hood Collection are currently going for £14.99 on Amazon (I am NOT the seller these are what someone purchased for £8.50 a copy in 2011) not a bad investment.  Very annoyed people buy these second hand copies for more than it costs to buy a new copy.

Investment, though.

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