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Monday, 13 April 2015

If All Goes Quiet....I'm Off Working!

I may have to start cutting down and up-dating CBO.  The reason is quite simple: it takes a lot of hours to keep a blog like this interesting and draw in the truly international viewers it gets.

At the last check, CBO posts had been viewed over 4 million times.  That's 1,321,239 from Google+ added to 1,871,683 direct views so that's...where's my calculator...ah!  3, 192, 922 views which means my dyscalculus has led me astray, what's new?  The total including other sites is nearer 5 million.

 I never really bother with the stats but every-so-often I like to see what is shaking! I know 5 million is impressive but I seriously cannot vizualise it as anything other than some numbers.

But this is, now, 15 years of solid, unpaid, work.  No one wants to advertise unless it's for free and as far as I am concerned that is out.  You try getting an advert on a site as popular anywhere else for free!

Unlike the majority of people publishing comics I do not have a "day job" and that means I need to concentrate on selling my books so that I can eat.

So I need to go and draw and not spend all my time filling CBO with posts that I rarely get feedback on.

If things go quiet -I'm working.

You want to put an Ad (size as per the Green Earth image and text) for £50 a month (the going rate is, I am told, £80.00 per month) on CBO get in touch!

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