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Monday, 3 August 2015

I Had To Laugh

Seriously.  Regarding my final posting on the UK Comic industry post, someone called Tony Lee commented "delusional"!

Now, no, I am NOT delusional -that WAS my last posting on the subject but I like to hear from all fans.

LOTS of emails from out of work UK comic creators stating "spot on".

Of course, there are those who wangle a lot of work and turn out mediocre scripts/series in comics and because they get constant work tend to be very delusional about reality for the real comickers because "if there is no UK comic industry" they cannot be pandered as "stars".  Ego always brushes over facts.

I clicked "Tony Lee's" profile to find it is private and no one but selected minions can view it. Now, I put up a post with point after point all backed up and covering 40 years of experience in comics. So, I am guessing that this "Tony Lee" is just another one of those flamers because, and here is a pointer to you bloggers about the comments to ignore, all he/she could respond with was "delusional" and these people have an image of you getting angry, annoyed and upset because you cannot respond back to them.  That's what they do.  It's that little comic clique again.

Of course I can respond where it matters -here on CBO where EVERYONE can see what I post. I'm not hiding behind a private blog (if it exists).

As for "Tony Lee"...well, he's Spam.  But I do have a message for him from the heart....

And that DOES end the British comic 'industry' postings.

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  1. A Nehru suit, black gloves, the beard and a snap of the fingers. All you need is mood music with a Moog synthesizer and the image is complete.