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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Thank You and a bit of an Apology

I have said before that the highest number of views CBO has received were via our friends in China. However, I have some news and an explanation.

My last ever posting on the UK comics industry exceeded views of any other single CBO posting since the site started on Blogger!

Yesterday I was going to post some items but spent the day responding privately, were needed, or simply deleting huge numbers of comments mainly "Well said!"/"Sense at last!" and "spot on!" so I have to write THANK YOU for all those comments but I hope you understand the deletions -CBO was hardly useable- it was all appreciated.  And to the former pro comic artists/writers now doing shelf-stacking and other jobs while trying to get work outside the UK -sorry my emails were brief but my eyes were killing me by 1800 hrs.

And for my pro comic friends who emailed privately: yes, I guess we all know just who the delusional one is on this subject.

Yes, I am also aware that the UK "comics mafia" (they must get erections (unless they are, as I suspect, suffering from erectile dysfunction) from being labelled that!) has restarted its campaign against me. I don't care.  Read that posting.

Dougie has pointed out that the long Wikipedia entry he did for me re. my UK comics work of 40 years and the entry on my Small Press work from the 1970s on, have all been deleted over the weekend as I have "made no significant contribution to" comics/small press.  I did warn him.  The thing is I know WHO is behind that and other problems since 1987.  A person who got a bad review in Zine Zone (I was not the reviewer) and he has stated this over and over.  And that is sad.

One thing I need to note, though, and this has NEVER been a secret and it has been discussed over the years on CBO.  "He apparently has a form of schizophrenia" is not correct and shows why a lot of us campaign to change attitudes toward mental health issues -a lot of people in comics suffer from depression and I've helped a few of them.  I have had, since I was 11 years old, manic depression. Bi-polar.  Whatever you want to call it.  That is NOTHING to do with schizophrenia.

I think this all shows that what I wrote was spot on. There are no counter arguments to that posting,     hence the personal attacks.

So THANK YOU again to all commenters but, please, this subject is now over.

Life is too short to get worked up over it or the delusional sewage eaters!


  1. Good post, Terry. Sometimes I wonder if we ought to carry cards about listing all the things that we are NOT! As far as getting things accurate, majoritively, it seems that the human species has a problem that Bernie 'the bolt' would have after an all-nighter in hitting a target intellectually. The only problem the human race doesn't have when it comes to hitting a target is when it comes to breeding. It constantly amazes me, the augmentation available to the human brain since the dawn of the printed page, and now, upon this as well, the internet. But the ease of access to this source of information with so much potential for misinformation means that it is more important as to the accuracy or framing of the question that is asked. That leads back to education and that ancient form of information storage, books and libraries.

  2. No idea what you two are on about but carry on.

    1. Obviously Terry, you are an old hand regarding all this, but considering the contra-intensive clap trap that some people come out with within the realms of certain areas of 'fandom' just make me want to quit these forms of 'enjoyment' altogether. It's sad, considering that comics and SF television were some great areas to retreat to and abandon the world's cares and stupidities, but now it seems that the stupidities invade those areas most precious and needle our minds to the point of annihilation. I have an idea from what you have said dear fellow. The words, " fed up to the back teeth with it all " and far more will have a familiar ring to them. The consolation comes when the result of the work and whilst you are doing it is the reward, I sincerely hope that is still true for you. the rest of the anguish we could do without. Take care.

  3. . . and money. You know. The wretched stuff we need to pay bills, care bills, other bills and hopefully some sort of nutrition at the end of it.