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Saturday, 8 October 2016

A "Riff" Is A Riff. But That Might NOT Be The Sort Of "Riff" YOU Were Thinking Of.

Why a Ben Dilworth or Stransky & Labbat "riff"?  Isn't a riff musical?  Definition:

  1. A repeated instrumental melody line in a song
  2. clever or witty remark.
  3. A variation on something. 
  4. spoof.

What the trio are doing are basing short one or two page stories based on my Black Tower strips or characters so a "riff" in that case can be 2-4 above. In the old days we might have put "after Terry Hooper" but that is quite long so a "riff" says all that.

I know some non-English speaking visitors may find our terminology odd -you can always ask if something confuses you!

There.  Riff explained.

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