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Saturday, 22 October 2016

"Hot Black 15 Year Old" --or has everyone really got nothing better to do with their lives?

You have to laugh.  Really.  People who have never seen a comic before are outraged at a cover image. These are people who have never seen young teenage girls and the outfits they wear during Summer. The character on the cover is dressed up like a nun compared to some outfits I saw over the hot weather this year.

"Is this how the writer sees a 15 year old black girl?"  Well, I hate Bendis. He covers his ass, usually with insults aimed at readers who complain but here he's slippery.  Yes, the writer is not the artist so this is the artist's work.  So it only matters if it's a 15 year old "black" girl 'over sexualised'? She's called "Iron Heart"?  Di$ney vomit.

What offends me is that the cover shows VERY bad anatomy.

"She's not as dark as she was!"  

Pull the cover!!! They think this is "over sexualised"?  How? Because it's drawn in a more cartoony style?  A 15 year old girl wears a crop top in her dorm room. So where were these self styled Socially Justified Warriors (SJW) from 1939 to 2016?  I could pull a dozen covers from Marvel and DC that make this one look like what it is...nothing.

SJWs if ignored will move on -to TV, films, video games -whatever gets them attention and that is all they really want: people to pay attention to them as they talk nonsense.

Di$ney (Marvel is just a name nothing more) is....I did so promise to cut down on my cussing. They are a great big leeching, soul destroying turd overgrown in mold. "Make it Di$ney!"  I mean, you have heard about all the traditional Di$ney places being pulled down to build Star Wars Land, right? Merchandise at Di$ney areas are already over-coated with Star Wars images.  "Make them all Di$ney Little Princesses!"

Marvel Comics is dead.  DC comics are crap but they have bitch-slapped Marvel and shoved a huge bunch of flowers up the Marvel Comics franchises ass.  DC comics are now top dog. Why is anyone bothering with Marvel or what SJWs say?  I'd look more closely at SJWs who see a drawn cartoony cover and think a 15 year old girl (who gives a **** if she is "black" or "white"??) looks very sexy because it is they who are seeing "sexualisation".

But if you've not heard here is the world shattering................................................oh. Sorry. Fell asleep. The story. And, no, that is not THE cover but its the one they are all showing so that they (internet and news dregs) can't be accused of anything.  Seriously, get a backbone.
J Scott Campbell’s variant Iron Man cover showing Riri Williams in her superhero suit, which is still on sale
Marvel pulls Iron Man cover after accusations of 'sexualising' teenage girlJ Scott Campbell’s drawing of Riri Williams in a crop top in her dorm room criticised by fans for ‘age-inappropriate objectification’

Alison Flood  The Guardian

Marvel has pulled a forthcoming comic cover after it was criticised for “sexualising” the 15-year-old girl who is the new Iron Man.
The variant cover showed Riri Williams, a science genius who reverse engineers one of Iron Man’s suits in her dorm room at MIT, in a revealing crop top, and drew sharp criticism online. “It’s as though they decided a teenage girl’s face was fine, but let’s attach a more grown-up body to that face, because she’s not a true female superhero until you can imagine having sex with her,” wrote Teresa Jusino at comics site the Mary Sue, calling on Marvel to “stop sexualising female teenage characters like Riri Williams”.
“Is this how people see 15-year-old black girls? I keep seeing these cover variants for Riri Williams and maybe [in] two or three she has looked 15,” wrote Twitter user @Steph_I_Will, while others called the cover, by artist J Scott Campbell, “age-inappropriate objectification”.
Marvel has subsequently withdrawn the Campbell variant cover, which was exclusive to Midtown Comics, and released images of interior art from the comicby the artist Stefano Caselli, showing a very different version of the character. Another variant cover by Campbell, in which the character is wearing the Iron Man armour, is still on sale and out in November.
Campbell called the decision “unfortunate” and said that he “simply attempted to draw a sassy, coming-of-age young woman”. “I greatly appreciate the noticeable uptick of support today in the wake of the fallout of this faux controversy,” he wrote on Twitter. “I gave her a sassy ‘attitude’ … ‘sexualising’ was not intended. This reaction is odd.”
But Brian Michael Bendis, the writer of the series, said he was “very glad they are not going forward with the cover”.
In response to a question from a fan, Bendis said he had not seen the cover until it was made public on Twitter on Thursday, and while he had “liked” the face drawn by Campbell as part of his work in progress, he did not like the final version.
“Specialty covers are not in my purview and it was being produced separately from the work of the people involved in making the comic. Not to pass the buck but that’s the fact. If I had seen a sketch or something I would have voiced similar concerns,” Bendis wrote. “I am certain the next version will be amazing.”
The image to the left (below) is THE cover.  Note how the hair is LIGHTER than in the image on the right!!!  I...I....feel dirty.  I need to go shower -I wrote "Di$ney"!!!

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