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Saturday, 29 October 2016

No one cares but I'll just make the point.

I have written all I can and made all the points I can.

No more to write.

A couple more Indie publishers have packed up and gone away in the US and a few Small Pressers in the UK like wise.  If you don't know who they are its because you do not care or you would know. They've tried but comic buyers only want the vacuous waste of DC or Marvel.

I feel really sad for those people. They tried and tried and put their hearts and souls into their comics and publishing houses and now they are gone.

In twenty years time someone is going to look at their kids and say:

"I was around just as Independent comics died off so that all we are left with today is Di$ney and that DC stuff"

A kid will respond: "Why did those comics die off?"

And the parent: "Oh we didn't give a crap. We just wanted the throw-away crap we were fed. Innovative art and buying choice wasn't what we were interested in. Di$ney and DC comics had TV shows and films and we preferred being fed pap"

A kid: "Is that why you burnt all those boxes of comics?"

Parent: "Yes. Those investments were supposed to fund my retirement and your education  but after 30 years it ain't happening!"

A few reviews to post here over the next couple weeks.

'Thanks' for your lack of support for CBO and the Independent Comics scene as a whole.

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