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Friday, 7 October 2016

Cinebook the 9th Art -Clear Blue Tomorrows

Authors: Vehlmann, Gazzotti & Meyer
Age: 15 years and up
Size: 18.4 x 25.7 cm
Number of pages: 64 colour pages

Publication: September 2016
ISBN: 9781849182843  Price: £8.99 inc. VAT

In the future, the entire population is under a de facto dictatorship because of cerebral implants invented by one F.G. Wilson. Nolan Ska, an engineer, manages to travel back in time, with the intention of changing history by encouraging Wilson first career: novelist. But the man who will eventually become a seemingly immortal despot turns out to be a poor writer, and it will be up to Nolan to use his own memories to be his ghost writer...
There were times in this that I saw elements of Will Eisner in the art and the story was handled well, even if it might sound a little cliche.  Over all it was a nice read with a great art style and as this is a one off book maybe worth you buying a copy to check out the kind of thing Cinebook is publishing?
Sometimes coming from the future to meet your past self, the only thing you can scream is "GET OUT OF THIS BUSINESS!!!"

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