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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Looking Back Over 30+ Years -Black Tower Adventure

A great many of the original Black Tower Adventures (volume 1) are lost -it's been over 30 years!  However, some are in archive boxes that I cannot get to without fighting through the Hordes of Darkness in the Tower's dark dungeons.

Lucky for you I have some of the issues to hand!

I'll not go into the whole problem of getting zines out back then but I think it fair to say the vastly under rated comic genius Ben R. Dilworth helped by photocopying some and even stapling a few to his knee at a Bath Comic Mart!  Darron Rolph Travers North was a necessary evil.  He had some access to photocopiers and I used  Hang on, that's not right.  What's the word....ah! "Violent persuasion" which is how Zine Zone 1-4 got published.

Contributors to Adventure  were the likes of that robust and bearded doyenne of the art scene, Mark A. Stafford -Junk World was a great fun strip but some of his art was used for covers.  Even back then you could see he had talent!  John Erasmus -who should be recognised for the creative genius he is.  The mysterious "Dru", Tom (Lovely) Elmes -another one with a great deal of talent but still going unrecognised in the UK.  Robert Perris -who drew The Raider and The Mummy strips -the Mummy (aka Prentiss) has been a member of the German super team D-Gruppe for many years now.  The Raider has popped up again -as has Wildmane, Runestone and many others- in the Invasion Earth Trilogy.  Adrian Wood provided some great stripwork -as did Gary Stainsby.

Over the next few weeks I'll post a few more covers -after all, this is 1980s nostalgia!

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