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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

German Events 2017 -It's A Matter Of Logistics.

"So what's happening with German events in 2017?"


It seems that comic events in Europe are not interested in responding to emails about booking a table.  You might think this is due to the June "Brexit" advisory vote?  Nope, it wasn't that great before the vote but it has gotten worse since. The closer it gets to 2017 the less likely it is that I can try to arrange going with books to sell.

It's a matter of logistics.

Germany, France and the United States supply the highest viewing figures for CBO but what these viewers are looking for I have no idea.  Do comic fans from Germany find the D-Gruppe and German super hero posts of interest?  I gave up asking long ago.

People from France want to get a Press Release mention on CBO but not send review material. So they don't get a mention. I made the rules clear on this a long time ago.  Just like UK comic events want to keep getting their events for 2017 mentioned on CBO but "all the tables are gone". Really?  Good luck with the publicity.

A point I need to make.  From 1985-2015 I promoted UK comic  and small press events like crazy.  In print, online at CBO, Google+, Face Book, my Yahoo groups and anywhere else.  So, I have probably done more over those decades to not just promote and support UK comics, small press and events than anyone else -it's all fully documented.  Yet not one event can find a table for me to sell at -and I mean a table I pay for not free- so, no promotion. Over three decades and no thanks.

This is why I am concentrating mainly on what I am working on life!  People have had over 17 years to add input or comment on CBO and they've not bothered.  I know five people who view the blog.  That's it.  So you'll see why CBO is a low priority to me.  Working on it for hours every days has achieved, for me, nothing.

At the moment I am looking at Germany (I gave upon the Netherlands)  as "possible but very unlikely" -not that I think anyone would be interested if I did turn up at an event!

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