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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Books Not Available In The USA -The Option

Having now discussed this I've been told I have two options open to me regarding selling my books online to US buyers.

Any sale in the US and I get hit with tax. I get absolutely NOTHING out of paying this tax other than the privilege of selling my books there. From a sale of £2.86 I get £1.00 which means the book is being given away once you get per centage, printer's cut and so on.  So you think the more expensive titles mean I get more (if I sold any)? No,same thing. And if people were to buy the 2-3 times more expensive copies from Amazon or Ebay I get nothing.

Now 8-10,000 people from the US view CBO each week. You think,well, I do, "Americans love comics -they'll try something new!"  No. Three sales in three years.

As it is explained to me, it seems I have to either:

(1) make far more sales to the US to try to break even or:
(2) cut the losses and make Black Tower books unavailable in the US.

To me, (2) is not something I'd like to do or consider but (1) seems very unlikely.  I'm trying to earn a living (a joke in itself) so can I afford to keep giving books away? I've been up most of the night and thought about it.  I get no feed-back on anything from the US visitors. I'm not even sure if they give a flip about my books. I make no money from sales. I need to check how to make books unavailable in a specific region then do so.

These are really bad times to live in as a comic publisher and decisions I don't like need to be made.

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